The director has produced numerous reports and publications. Most reports are confidential for the person or organisation which has commissioned the task. Publications may be available either through I S A F O R or publishers.


Certification and timber production EngCertificering en hout productie juli 2021

The biomass discours Eng LvB 8 July 2019.

Het biomassa discours NL LvB 8 juli 2019.

Biomassa vergroot klimaatprobleem sept. 2017 LvB

“Hierarchical Framework for the Formulation of Management Standards, Principles, Criteria and Indicators”, E. M. Lammerts van Bueren and E. Blom; 1997,( available from Tropenbos International and I S A F O R). Hierarchical Framework P, C and I

“Introduction to the Legal Timber Issue”, E.M. Lammerts van Bueren; 2004 (available from I S A F O R and the Netherlands Timber Trade Association). Introduction%20to%20the%20legal%20timber%20issue%20sept%2018%20%2004

“Keurhout Protocol for the Validation of Claims of Legal Timber”, Timber Trade Association; 2004 (available from the Netherlands Timber Trade Association 061107 Keurhout Protocol LET – 3rd Work Ed September 15th 2007

“Forest related standards and certification schemes.” and their impact on biodiversity conservation. E.M Lammerts van Bueren, September 2010 ETFRN news 5 1.2 Lammerts-van-Bueren Certification impact on biodiversity ETFRN

“International context of a SFM definition for timber procurement policy, E.M. Lammerts van Bueren; June 2014 (available from I S A F O R) International context of a SFM definition

“Comparison of Timber Procurement policies: An analysis of commonalities and differences of six EU member states”, E.M. Lammerts van Bueren; august 2015 (available from I S A F O R) Comparison of existing TPP’s final Rev 1 17 Jan. 2016