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Criteria and Indicators, certification systems, timber procurement policies

I S A F O R assists with the development and assessment of standards for SFM, legal timber, RIL, sustainable biomass, chain of custody, certification systems and timber procurement policies. 

I S A F O R, particularly its director, has undertaken pioneering work in the development of Criteria and Indicators. In 1997 he published through Tropenbos International the “Hierarchical Framework for the Formulation of Management Standards, Principles, Criteria and Indicators”. This concept serves as a basis for many standards which were and are being developed world wide. Initially training was very much focussed on conveying the concept of the Framework. assisting with the development of certification systems for sustainable forest management, or components of SFM such as Reduced Impact Logging. 

I S A F O R has been commissioned by the Dutch Timber Trade Association to produce a first draft of a protocol to validate the legality of timber. To provide a sound basis for the protocol, I S A F O R has made a comprehensive analysis of the issue and the policies which are being developed to curtail the illegal logging activities and the trade in illegally sourced timber. The analysis, “Introduction to the legal timber issue” is available from various web sites including this one. 

I S A F O R assists the Dutch government with establishing timber procurement criteria and with the process to improve consistency of timber procurement policies among EU member states.

Some examples of studies and assignments: 

* Comparing and analysing the effect of different timber procurement policies

* Assessing compliance of Certification systems with Dutch timber procurement criteria

* Assessing compliance of Certification systems with UK timber procurement criteria.

* Drafting a framework for a RIL verification programme.

* Analysis of policies pertaining to illegal logging.

* Developing a protocol for the validation of claims of legal timber.

* intensive involvement in the development of various ISO standards for sustainable biomass and a chain of custody for wood and wood-based products

Forest policy, institution development support and evaluation 

I S A F O R assists with forest policy and institution development and undertakes evaluations of institutions and forestry programmes and projects

I S A F O R holds experience in national forest policy development both in the and the tropics. I S A F O R’s advice has been sought to strengthen structures and procedures of (international) organisations with a view to improve the organisation’s efficiency and effectiveness. In one case this included strengthening the organisation’s project cycle. We are capable of assisting organisations and institutions with sound advice on organisational structures, working procedures and project cycle management. I S A F O R has also participated in various diagnostic missions and evaluations of policies, SFM programmes and projects in and . I S A F O R provides a coherent and critical analysis and at the same time a not offending constructive advice based on sound multi-stakeholder consultation and on the ground analysis. 

Some examples of studies and assignments:

* Assisting with the development of a forest sector policy for Suriname. 

* Analysis and advice to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the International Tropical Timber Organization.

* Analysis and advice to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of project programmes. 

* Leading a diagnostic mission in Suriname to assess progress made towards sustainable forest management.

* Leading a mission to evaluate SFM projects in Indonesia, Malaysia and Hainan (China).